Jesse A. Glassman

Mr. Glassman began his career in 2005, specializing in Criminal Defense and Family Law. His success as a trial attorney can be attributed to the thousands of clients he has represented over the years and his experience and training at the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office.

Mr. Glassman has successfully defended numerous clients in both misdemeanor and felony cases. Specifically, Mr. Glassman has received not guilty verdicts in cases as serious as murder trials as well as less serious offenses including traffic and drug crimes.

In all cases, regardless of the potential consequences, Mr. Glassman aggressively defends every client with the same intensity, vigor, and resources. If you are charged with any crime, you need an attorney who knows the judges, who knows the district attorneys and has the experience to defend any type of case. There are attorneys who have not been to trial in years, and the district attorneys know who they are. Regardless of whether you choose our law firm, make sure you hire an attorney with serious trial experience.

Mr. Glassman has received not guilty verdicts in all types of criminal cases such as domestic violence, gun offenses, embezzlement, fraud, theft, cocaine, meth, marijuana, assaults, stalking, murder, criminal mischief, harassment, menacing, etc. Notably, Mr. Glassman represented and saved two clients from the Death Penalty.

In addition to criminal defense, Mr. Glassman successfully represents clients in divorce, custody, and child support cases. Besides the emotional toll of a divorce or custody case, there are many aspects including parenting time, the division of assets and debts, decision making for the children, and child support. Having significant trial experience and knowledge of the law, Mr. Glassman can inform and advise you exactly what to expect. He will fight for your rights and what is best for your children.

Mr. Glassman is a contractor both for the State of Colorado as Alternative Defense Counsel (ADC) and for the 10th Circuit Federal District Court of the United States (CJA Panel).  If there is a conflict of interest for either the State or Federal Public Defender’s offices, Mr. Glassman is appointed by the Courts for clients who are indigent.  The Law Firm attorneys also take on cases pro bono based upon a person’s low financial ability or the government’s egregious abuse of power.

Mr. Glassman takes every case seriously and will take the time for you. Feel free to email him at

Michael A. Faye

Michael Faye is among the most accomplished criminal defense attorneys practicing in Colorado. Throughout his career, Mr. Faye has earned a reputation as a highly skilled, fearless, and dedicated trial attorney who has achieved a high rate of success for his clients.

In 1996 Michael earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he studied history and political science.  He became interested in the law while volunteering for the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council where he actively fought against housing discrimination.

Michael attended the Michigan State University College of Law and graduated in 2003 near the top of his class. He focused his legal training in the areas of advanced criminal practice and constitutional law. In his third year of law school, he earned a scholarship for his work with the MSU Moot Court Trial Advocacy Team. Michael spent a year working for the MSU’s Rental Housing Clinic where he litigated landlord-tenant disputes. In addition, he worked for Prison Legal Services of Michigan, Inc. where he fought for prisoner’s constitutional rights and aided inmates with criminal appeals.

Michael was licensed to practice law in 2003 and began his career with the Colorado State Public Defenders Office as a trial attorney.  During his 8 years as a Colorado State Public Defender, Michael developed a reputation as someone who has a passion for working with and on behalf of his clients.  He quickly became a highly respected and skilled trial attorney, earning hundreds of not guilty verdicts for his clients.  In 2011 Michael founded the Law Firm of Glassman & Faye, PC.  He continues to successfully represent his clients in Municipal, State, and U.S. Federal Court.  A highly skilled trial advocate, Michael prides himself on his aggressive motions practice and has been able to get evidence suppressed in numerous cases based on illegal police conduct.  Michael currently focuses on a wide variety of criminal cases and currently represents people charged with anything from First Degree Murder, Sexual Assault, Drug Crimes, Assaults, Financial Crimes to Traffic Offenses.

Michael’s experience level in the criminal defense world is second to none.  No case is too big or too small for him to defend.  Due to his vast experience and contacts within the criminal law community, he is able to offer honest advice and second to none representation.  If you are being investigated or already charged with a crime, the first person you need to call is Michael Faye.

Email Michael Faye at
Cell 720 254-0942