Jesse Glassman

Jesse Glassman is an accomplished trial attorney with extensive experience in criminal defense and family law, renowned for his relentless advocacy and successful representation of clients ranging from misdemeanor to capital cases.

Mr. Glassman began his career in 2005, specializing in Criminal Defense and Family Law. His success as a trial attorney can be attributed to the thousands of clients he has represented over the years and his experience and training at the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office. Mr. Glassman has successfully defended numerous clients in both misdemeanor and felony cases. Specifically, Mr. Glassman has received not guilty verdicts in cases as serious as murder trials as well as less serious offenses including traffic and drug crimes.

In all cases, regardless of the potential consequences, Mr. Glassman aggressively defends every client with the same intensity, vigor, and resources. If you are charged with any crime, you need an attorney who knows the judges, who knows the district attorneys and has the experience to defend any type of case. There are attorneys who have not been to trial in years, and the district attorneys know who they are. Regardless of whether you choose our law firm, make sure you hire an attorney with serious trial experience.

Mr. Glassman has received not guilty verdicts in all types of criminal cases such as domestic violence, gun offenses, embezzlement, fraud, theft, cocaine, meth, marijuana, assaults, stalking, murder, criminal mischief, harassment, menacing, etc. Notably, Mr. Glassman represented and saved two clients from the Death Penalty.

In addition to criminal defense, Mr. Glassman successfully represents clients in divorce, custody, and child support cases. Besides the emotional toll of a divorce or custody case, there are many aspects including parenting time, the division of assets and debts, decision making for the children, and child support. Having significant trial experience and knowledge of the law, Mr. Glassman can inform and advise you exactly what to expect. He will fight for your rights and what is best for your children.

Mr. Glassman is a contractor both for the State of Colorado as Alternative Defense Counsel (ADC) and for the 10th Circuit Federal District Court of the United States (CJA Panel). If there is a conflict of interest for either the State or Federal Public Defender’s offices, Mr. Glassman is appointed by the Courts for clients who are indigent. The Law Firm attorneys also take on cases pro bono based upon a person’s low financial ability or the government’s egregious abuse of power.


  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 100
  • Pro Bono Achievement 2016
  • American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys 10 Best Client Satisfaction 2016
  • Avvo Clients' Choice 2013


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“Excellent attorneys. As an attorney myself, I often see both Mr. Glassman and Mr. Faye litigating in court. They are some of the best around.”

Jesse Hall


“Mr. Glassman was an excellent attorney to work with. He took my case not knowing much about it. When he figured out it was more severe then we originally thought (once he spoke to the DAs office) he was still more then willing to take my case. He did it at an affordable rate as well. He definitely understands what his clients are going through, and gets them the best offer.”

Heather Thompson


“Mr. Glassman was great, he took the time to explain everything to me and made sure I understood every detail of the case, he returned calls he returned texts, I am very happy and satisfied with his results. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a great, passionate, and hard-working attorney.”

Joseph Bijou


“Jesse Glassman has been a savior. He’s A trusting lawyer very dependable and will go the furthest to get what his clients ask for and more. He’s a great trial lawyer great negotiator in all around the perfect person to get the job done. Jesse Glassman I appreciate all your hard work and how much you put in for your clients. I would recommend you to anyone about any case because you’re the best at what you do. Thanks again. #There’sNoOneBetter!”

Marcus Westbrook


“Mr. Glassman represented our son in a very serious criminal case. Mr. Glassman spent countless hours fighting his case. The judge was going to sentence him to prison or Peer One, but based on the sentencing presentation, the judge gave him probation, and he’s now coming home! Mr. Glassman knew the DA, the judge, and most importantly took the time for the best outcome.”