Family Law

Divorce and custody cases can take an emotional and financial toll. Our attorneys will fight at every stage for your rights.

With divorce and custody cases, you need someone on your side who knows how to litigate and negotiate the division of assets and liabilities, parenting time, decision-making, retirement accounts, child support, alimony, and the future planning of your future. It is difficult to understand how your significant other, who you have trusted, can betray that trust and make decisions that seem deliberate and intentional against you and your child.

Our law firm has countless hours in the courtroom fighting for our clients’ rights. If you think that you cannot afford an attorney, we ask the judge for your ex-spouse / ex-partner to pay your attorney fees. The legal issues in a divorce or custody case are complex. You need to know what you’re entitled to and how judges typically decide issues. We are here to protect you, fight for you, and get you what you deserve.

You need an attorney that knows the law, knows the judges, and has the experience to effectively represent your interests. Experience is everything.